Monday, June 28, 2010

What a difference a year makes!

When I was packing my bags to go to work this morning I realized just how nice it was to only have 2 bags. When I first started back to work,Leah was 3 months old and I had to pack Leah's diaper bag for daycare, my lunch bag, my laptop bag, my purse, and my pump bag. When I picked everything up plus Leah's infant seat I looked like a pack horse. This morning I just had my laptop bag and my purse. I still look a bit like a pack animal once I pick up the bags and Leah, but at least I'm not out of breath by the time I make it to my car!

And because I can't resist....Leah at 2 weeks old and Leah at 12months and 2 weeks old.

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